Grande Raffle

The North Alabama Woodturners Chapter is sponsoring a special type of raffle program to raise money for various programs, demonstrators, and equipment. The “Raffle” is as follows.

  1. Any attendee may bring one item (wood, a tool, some type of item useful to a woodturner or woodworker, something they want to get rid of and other people would want) to each monthly meeting and will receive one raffle ticket. The giver will retain his copy of the ticket while the other “drawing” copy will be placed in a container for that meeting’s raffle.

(Note: An attendee may bring more than one item, but only one ticket will be issued.)

  1. All attendees, including the attendees who bring raffle items, may purchase raffle tickets for the price of $1.00 each or six tickets for $5.00. The ticket “drawing” copy will be placed in the container and the purchaser should retain their copy of their purchased tickets(s).
  2. At the end of each meeting, a raffle for items will be held. Those items provided by individuals will be raffled off at each meeting. If the Chapter purchases special tools, etc., the directors will decide if sufficient raffle tickets have been sold to pay the purchase price of the item. If not, that item will be held over until sufficient tickets have been sold to cover its expense.
  3. When a raffle ticket is selected, the winner has the right of choice of all items up for raffle with the exception in note 3 above. The raffle continues until all items have been awarded.
  4. Once a ticket has been pulled, it will be placed aside and not available for further awards at that
  5. All “drawing” tickets will be collected at the end of each meeting and securely stored until a later date determined by the directors. On that date, a special raffle will be held that utilizes all the “drawing” tickets collected over the series of monthly meetings.
  6. These stored tickets will not be useable for any other raffles except the final raffle.
  7. At that raffle, a ticket will be pulled for the special gift selected by the directors. The winning ticket, provided it is the property of a paid up member of the North Alabama Woodturning Chapter, shall be awarded said prize. If a name is not printed on the “drawing” ticket, the winner must have the matching “owners” ticket.