Club Info

NAW (North Alabama Woodturners) meets the 4th Saturday of each month except in April or if a holiday conflicts with the scheduled date, the Directors schedule a different weekend.

The meeting starts at 9:00 am and lasts through the demo. Typically the meetings are over by noon. Sometimes special events or classes are scheduled and the meeting will last longer.

We welcome visitors to bring samples  of their turning. Besides a schedule demo, we also have a raffle, “Eternal Challenge” turned piece and a door prize available to any signed in attendee.

NAW normally meets here, but sometimes will meet at another member’s shops. Check our  Events Calendar  page to determine the location of each meeting. Click on the desired activity and once open, click on the map area.

The club has six mini-lathes with tool sets and a grinder and does offer classes on various aspects of woodturning.

Once a year, typically in October, the club invites a major woodturner for a three day Woodturning Weekend. Friday and Sunday are special classes while a normal meeting is held on Saturday.

A newsletter is published monthly highlighting upcoming events and the scheduled demonstration. If you would like to receive this newsletter, contact any of the Directors listed below or send an email with your email address to the Secretary (listed below).

If you would like more information or wish to make a comment, please contact one of the Board of Directors (listed below).

President                                                                            Vice President
Jess Walls                                                                                  Sean McCurley
256-996-4634                                                                           256-504-5884                                               

Treasurer                                                                           Secretary
Tommy Hartline                                                                      Thomas Rippel
256-504-4261                                                                           256-582-1061                                     

Web Page Manager
Lee Krause


Meeting Location: Mountainboro Community Center